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List of Powerful Songs By Oche Jonkings |@ochejonkings

If you are looking for a consistent gospel music artiste in Nigeria who is keeping it real in every aspect, then Oche Jonkings is one among the entire lists. With numerous songs of which many are church anthems today.

Some of his top songs are Seated on the throne, Everybody Luku Luku, Serving a Living God, Aleyachaba and many others.


Seated on the throne above is said to be one of the songs that has brought him limelight. He recently released of the song. Watch Here.

Below is the list of powerful songs by Oche Jonkings, some of the songs are in our music archive. Those ones are hyperlinked below. If he releases more to the public, we shall notify you.

  1. Seated on the throne
  2. Sai Godiya
  3. Omanchala
  4. War song
  5. Kilolese
  6. serving a living God
  7. Ochedu
  8. Everybody luku luku
  9. Na You
  10. Aleyachaba
  11. Spirit song
  12. Eh Yahweh
  13. Ainya Kpongo
  14. My Yahweh
  15. Great I am
  16. Angel’s song
  17. Rain of the spirit
  18. Omewoya

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